The Friar’s Delight Lenormand: a review

The Friar’s Delight Lenormand is a little unpretentious gem of a deck. Firstly, I’m not big on Lenormand decks, I used to have a couple some years ago, and I dabbled with reading them but it never stuck so they quickly moved on to more motivated hands. After these failed experiences I spent a coupleContinue reading “The Friar’s Delight Lenormand: a review”

The art of temperance

Back again with the monthly auguries, as March is already underway. The month of March has us looking back at the gains born out of our compromises, out of accord. The benefits of a steady and consistent gait, and an unswerving attention to detail. Placing the question before us, how to carry this discipline forward?Continue reading “The art of temperance”

Button Soup Tarot: A Collaborative Tarot Deck

Mid to late 2019 the community at Cult of Tarot, a forum for all tarot lovers and readers, decided to create a community based tarot deck, where all members were invited to choose a card from the 78 and create their own vision of that card. It began with the Majors and then grew intoContinue reading “Button Soup Tarot: A Collaborative Tarot Deck”

Encountering the Suits: Weight of Influence

Spinning golden plates, that shimmer like a bull’s eye. If batons embody potential and power, coins denote power of a different kind. The power of acquisition and persuasion. Persuasion as a secondary to acquisition, in that through crafty words one can persuade the other on the value of a thing. Not so long ago, actualContinue reading “Encountering the Suits: Weight of Influence”

Bright candle in the dark

I’m back again with this month’s augury. This one is extra something more, because as I am writing these words I’m considering for myself, the end of a decade and of a long and arduous year. Also, Jupiter just moved into Capricorn. All of his adds to the clanging bell quality of this transition pointContinue reading “Bright candle in the dark”

The Red Woman: an encounter

What follows is a book review through the lens of a poem. Recently, well, a couple months back now, I received and devoured Scarlet Imprint’s summer publication, The Brazen Vessel†. It is a collection of essays that gathers 10 years of work from both Alkistis Dimech and Peter Grey, ranging from unpublished essays, to presentations.Continue reading “The Red Woman: an encounter”

Tangled hearts at the crossroads

This month’s augury is coming into play a bit later than expected, as I’ve found myself with lots on my plate. So here, 11 days into October, is the omen. Tangled hearts in riddled messages of crossed desires stay the course. October is an interesting month for matters near and dear. We find ourselves stillContinue reading “Tangled hearts at the crossroads”

“Decolonizing Puerto Rico, Caribbean Spiritualism, and the Tarot”

A couple weeks back I was interviewed by the Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats. This has been an enlightening and freeing experience for me as I had never been interviewed before. We chatted about spiritism, Puerto Rico, and a little about the cards. If you’ve ever wondered what kind of magical doings I getContinue reading ““Decolonizing Puerto Rico, Caribbean Spiritualism, and the Tarot””