Storytelling with lemonde

There once was a branch that saw a lot of hangings. Those that deserved dying and those that were unjustly hung. This went on for a very long time until the people revolted and put an end to the public hangings, demanding proper justice through trial. Well, this branch was no longer being used andContinue reading “Storytelling with lemonde”

Storytelling with the lovers

Halfway between making the decision, Alice knows she has to proceed. Her willpower is waning from the mental exertion of debating which path to take. On one side, the path she initially wants to take pulls her arm and promises riches and happiness. Yet, truthfully, she hides secrets under sleeve. What she promises is staleContinue reading “Storytelling with the lovers”


Originally posted on TAROFLEXIONS:
Some cartomantic folks like to use cards for poetic purposes. Such as finding inspiration for writing, or finding inspiration for how to live more poetically. We have played before in the context of Taroflexions where we have created exquisite corpses, or followed a visual idea through another set of images. Here…

Tarot and the literary journey

I have recently received Camelia Elias’s book on the Marseille Tarot, Towards the Art of Reading, and am finding myself mentally, spiritually and emotionally invigorated and engaged with the cards. For a while now I have been grasping at the images in the cards and making meaning as I go along. The approach she propoundsContinue reading “Tarot and the literary journey”

Storytelling with the knight of coins

A bright youth is gearing up, venturing into new horizons. Struck by a sudden idea that was birthed out of a spontaneous impulse, the youth charges ahead, full of the fire of this new idea, forging forward into the unknown. Unfortunately for those close, loved ones are being affected by this new adventure, because itContinue reading “Storytelling with the knight of coins”

My Perspective and #TarotsoWhite

Originally posted on benebell wen: It begins around 25:11 when one of my favorite YouTube personalities Kelly-Ann Maddox talks about #TarotsoWhite and the “overwhelming lack of racial diversity in tarot and oracle decks.” Maddox covers it all. She acknowledges white privilege, too much whiteness in the human depictions on tarot decks, disappointment in the fetishization…