“Sorcerous Poetics”

I originally began writing this as an exploration of historiolae and their narratives within a Cyprianic context. To be sure, historiola as a thing is the basis for this piece, but my focus has changed. I want to zoom in on “Saint Cyprian as a Healer and Further Considerations on Sorcerous Poetics” from Jose Leitao’sContinue reading ““Sorcerous Poetics””

Tarot dreams, or dreaming with tarot

The eve of St. John the Baptist is here and for me the actual eve, the night, of this day is about imaginal, and not so imaginal, escapades. Wild nights under the starts, ecstatic dancing, and a communion between the living and the spirits (including the dead). Since this is about entering into more fluidContinue reading “Tarot dreams, or dreaming with tarot”

A litany of sorrows and a song of hope

I am heartbroken about so many things both little and big, close and far. That we, as in my son, partner, and I are isolated from contact, physical, from those in our families. That fear and anxiety is the medium of the message everywhere I look. That my son was not able to enjoy theContinue reading “A litany of sorrows and a song of hope”

Saint Justina: a candle in the dark

Some days ago, I was catching up with friends in these isolated times, and reading on how others are managing in their homes with reduced physical contact with others. I thought back to different times, places, and hardships. How others have navigated trying times. I thought of the Saints and of persons in history thatContinue reading “Saint Justina: a candle in the dark”

Of shadows and corners

It’s day number I’m not sure when everything closed down, I’ve always worked from home but now it’s with my partner and child present, which makes for interesting work times. While home, and separated from regular weekend adventures with others and at the beach, we’ve been taking mostly daily walks around our neighborhood. Which hasContinue reading “Of shadows and corners”

From the devil to the star

I’ve been sick for most of the month of February, putting things into perspective for me. With being sick and reluctant to do many things as I’m pulled down by what my body is combating, I’ve kept coming back to a trio of cards that have been on my mind for months. The Devil, TheContinue reading “From the devil to the star”

A miscellany

In keeping with my previous post and the themes somewhat explored therein, this is a list of links to articles and ideas that coalesce in the same stream of thoughts. Last year around this time I also created a list, in keeping with cycles I am doing the same this year but instead of hauntingsContinue reading “A miscellany”

Ensouled movements

I have been eternally preoccupied with landscape and one’s relationship with the lay of the land ever since I first encountered Oedipa Maas in her tower on Kinneret-Upon-the-Pines. From this preoccupation grew a tree of ideas of self in place, and as a consequence, of awareness and seeing in relation to space (how I seeContinue reading “Ensouled movements”

The art of divining like a torero

The weekly auguries have recently taken up most of the content in this space. I wanted to come back now, outside of the auguries, sharing a bit about my impressions and experiences on divination and seeing.   While expanding my daily practice and exploring my own spiritual landscape, I have been working with several formsContinue reading “The art of divining like a torero”