Cards: 9 of Cups

It is a general consensus that the 9 of cups is a really good card to see in a reading. In cartomancy it is the card of receiving/finding/getting your heart’s desire. Traveling through the suit of cups, one sees an obvious increase in the amount of cups and a decrease in their size. Expansion andContinue reading “Cards: 9 of Cups”

Difficulties and growing

I have been looking inwardly recently, at how I approach parenthood and how I express myself within this modality and identity. Honestly, it has served to reveal the multiplicity of my imperfections and ineptitude. In the face of all this, my child is too young to judge, to measure, he loves me unconditionally. Everyday IContinue reading “Difficulties and growing”

Cards: 6 of cups

This post is about the art of finding and tapping into the flow. I have been thinking lately about magic, namely, how to live a magical life. Now I don’t mean the spacey, ceremonial, casting circles, cloak wearing magic. Let it be known there is nothing wrong with that magic. Here, I simply mean theContinue reading “Cards: 6 of cups”

Meditations on stability

I should clarify, I mean emotional stability. I have been leaning lately more and more towards traditional cartomancy, the cards have been speaking in a way that is very grounded, practical and even mundane. That is a good thing, embracing the quotidian aspect of life. Lately, that is the kind of reader I have beenContinue reading “Meditations on stability”

Cards: 2 of cups

Instead of the traditional Lovers Trump card, this is the one that makes me see the lovers in communion, merging. Trump 6 is about cupid, how love, our heart, plays out in our decisions and in our lives. It is about decisions and the overcoming or the merging of two different roads. The two ofContinue reading “Cards: 2 of cups”

Cards: Ace of Cups

Heavy shifting and big transitions have been underway in my life recently. It seems fitting I initiate this new foray into another suit with the Ace of Cups. When I began these card explorations I didn’t have a set order as far as suits went, but I seem to have been influenced unconsciously by Jodorowsky’sContinue reading “Cards: Ace of Cups”