Cards: 10 of swords

For the last card of this suit, the final 10, I will not be using another additional card from the Majors. Instead, I will look at the card from two perspectives. Defeat. Exhaustion. You have reached the end of your tether, two options are available now, find the strength to break out of the cageContinue reading “Cards: 10 of swords”

Cards: 9 of swords

When I think about the number nine I inevitably and unavoidably think about the hermit, key 9 of the trumps. In this particular number 9, with an excessive amount of swords lying in opposition and the center sword piercing the hilts, I think about the negative aspects of the hermit. Alienation and mental vexation. ThisContinue reading “Cards: 9 of swords”

Cards: 8 of swords

It has been quite a few days since I posted on these card explorations. I have recently undergone a big move, hence my lack of writing activity. Here is the next one in the suit of swords. Looking at the 8 of swords, I see the transition from the challenges of the sevens moving intoContinue reading “Cards: 8 of swords”

Cards: 7 of swords

Division and separation. I love odd numbers, especially the number seven, but the 7 of swords reminds me of the challenges caused by divisive thoughts and ideas. From the dynamic flow of the six an odd one enters the panorama and strikes disorder and chaos. This disruption causes a separation in which we see twoContinue reading “Cards: 7 of swords”

Cards: 6 of swords

Flow. Two roads converging or crossing each other. Receptivity in dinamism, dynamic receptivity. Proactive. The 6 of swords is a card of acquiescence, thoughts that merge, reason, a unison of ideas or possibly a desicion between two different and complementary ideas. When paired with La Lune, the sense of opposition and obscurity is felt moreContinue reading “Cards: 6 of swords”

Cards: 5 of swords

Infection. The balance and stability of four transforms into the confining and destabilizing force of five. In the realm of thoughts this is an opposing idea that causes much grief and indecision. This grievous thought is transfered to the body and breeds chaos. Indecision that leads to bad choices, inhospitable situations and vulnerability. This isContinue reading “Cards: 5 of swords”

Cards: 4 of swords

Respite. Rest. Release. The peace of a battle ending in accord.  The stabily of fluidity and thoughts moving in synchronization. After the high energy of the 3, enters the receptive 4. Odds are even and everyone is in synch. Paired with Lestoille and the concept of release and respite from society is reinforced. And it’sContinue reading “Cards: 4 of swords”

Cards: 3 of Swords

Expansion. A decision between two has fostered a new endeavor, a new idea or a new frontier to be conquered. Threes are associated with creative energy, a surge of new things, the dynamism of a triangle. From the balance of two was born a new concept, idea, renewed strength. Seen with the trump, Le bateleur,Continue reading “Cards: 3 of Swords”

Cards: 2 of Swords

A meeting of opposition, expansion from the one to the two. Alone it could indicate a truce, a coming together of binaries. It could also indicate a meeting of opposing ideas, a decision. This calls to mind the traditional Waite-Smith image of the two of swords, the blindfolded woman holding two swords in opposition, sittingContinue reading “Cards: 2 of Swords”