M.M. Meleen’s Tabula Mundi

I don’t get very many new tarot decks, I like to keep what I have manageable, where I use all the decks I own interchangeably and frequently. However, here is a review and a half of two recent purchases. I was not originally aware of the creation of Tabula Mundi prior to its release. IContinue reading “M.M. Meleen’s Tabula Mundi”

Dark Tarot Deck Review

I start off by saying that I received this deck unexpectedly. In the site darktarot.com you can find two free printable decks, this one and another black and white deck. Furthermore, at the site there is a trove of resources for tarot learning and history. Onto the review… Firstly, the card stock is nice andContinue reading “Dark Tarot Deck Review”