The Kings of the Court

Lastly, there are the kings in the court. Here each king will speak in its own voice. The King of cups “I am elegantly draped, a graceful man with good taste. I speak from the heart and I charm all my listeners. On occasions, I’m haughty, and love beautiful things. I’m a man that loves,Continue reading “The Kings of the Court”

The Queens of the court

We continue with the courts, here the Queens speak. Queen of coins: “Draped in my regal raiment, I know what I hold in my hand, the power of money and fortune is at my fingertips. Quick and astute, my crown highlights my most valued asset, my head. I am order and revenue, haughty and resourceful.Continue reading “The Queens of the court”

The pages of the court

Some time ago I began an overview of the Tarot de Marseille pips, which can also be seen as playing card pips. This overview shared my way of seeing the pips, how I read them in a spread, and how they interact with other cards. I have also done something similar with The Trumps butContinue reading “The pages of the court”

Storytelling with the knight of coins

A bright youth is gearing up, venturing into new horizons. Struck by a sudden idea that was birthed out of a spontaneous impulse, the youth charges ahead, full of the fire of this new idea, forging forward into the unknown. Unfortunately for those close, loved ones are being affected by this new adventure, because itContinue reading “Storytelling with the knight of coins”