From the devil to the star

I’ve been sick for most of the month of February, putting things into perspective for me. With being sick and reluctant to do many things as I’m pulled down by what my body is combating, I’ve kept coming back to a trio of cards that have been on my mind for months. The Devil, TheContinue reading “From the devil to the star”

The Fool

This past week has been hectic and full of big changes, hence why I haven’t written anything here. Throughout all this time of changes, the fool has occupied my mind constantly. It is a common habit of mine to be somewhat afraid and cautious with change. Moving somewhere new,  starting a job I have neverContinue reading “The Fool”

Storytelling with lemonde

There once was a branch that saw a lot of hangings. Those that deserved dying and those that were unjustly hung. This went on for a very long time until the people revolted and put an end to the public hangings, demanding proper justice through trial. Well, this branch was no longer being used andContinue reading “Storytelling with lemonde”

Storytelling with the lovers

Halfway between making the decision, Alice knows she has to proceed. Her willpower is waning from the mental exertion of debating which path to take. On one side, the path she initially wants to take pulls her arm and promises riches and happiness. Yet, truthfully, she hides secrets under sleeve. What she promises is staleContinue reading “Storytelling with the lovers”