These past two days I have done dailies I haven’t shared. These two spreads have been simple 3-card spreads but very very powerful, added to that is that I have been using my Hermetic deck because my Gorgon deck is getting some quiet TLC at the moment. So my reads have been full of references to the moon, contemplation, knowledge, wisdom, will. Fitting, since for me, that is my consuming passion, the search for knowledge and knowing, reading, absorbing. Yes, I am aware and have been warned that it comes at a price. Now, I’m not trying to be a pedant arrogant fool. I know that I know very little, I have a lifetime of living and learning to do, but I have a thirst for knowing. This is why Odin is such a powerful figure or me, his thirst and search for knowledge was all-consuming, to the point of sacrifice.

Well, enough meandering, and I apologize in advance for the low quality pictures.

Yesterday’s draw was The Moon, Ace of Swords, Nine of Cups. Corresponding respectively, the day, influences, and message to carry for the day.

Today’s draw was The High Priestess, Six of Cups, (reversed) Knight of Wands. Same correspondences.

I have before me interconnected cards that in macro show me the state of energetic excess I find myself in, productive, searching, fertile. Since today’s draw is fresher in my mind I will talk about that one, only briefly, I don’t want to ramble on incessantly. Firstly, wow, the description of the High Priestess is beautiful: The moon appears above the seated priestly figure of Isis, The Eternal Virgin. She is adorned in the purest light of the moon; the same light that serves as a veil to hide the moon; the same light that serves as a veil to hide the Eternal Spirit. She holds upon her knee a book, partially concealed by her mantle, which holds the truth behind the veil of light. At her breast she holds a lyre, the law of Artemis, for she is also a Huntress and, like Diana, she hunts by enchantment (LWB). I know, the LWB, I still use it to help me understand the many layers of esoteric info in this deck.

Six of Cups is just as interesting , the cups receiving and receiving, never full, open and welcoming. It is a pleasing and gentle card, tranquil.

The 3rd card warns of overabundance, arrogance and impulsive nature. I should keep that in mind, careful to reign in my over-eagerness.

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An eternal lover of the literary arts, I am fascinated by words and their power. I am a diviner that writes, reads, enchants, dances and dreams.

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