Back to dailies. Today I pulled a reversed 6 of cups along with hagall. It seems things are brimming forth. Instead of being in the receiving end, I am giving. This giving borders a little on the excessive, it is not balanced, but the rune tells me that there is a cycle going on, that this moment is part of a greater change. What comes afterwards will be transformation. Seems fitting, I do feel certain aspects in my life changing, outlooks, perceptions, and the way I am treating and understanding others.

On another note, I think I might have found the perfect old world pagan deck, I just purchased the Wildwood and am anxiously awaiting its arrival.

Also, I am reading Jodorowsky’s The Way of Tarot. Let’s see where that takes me…

Published by Natalia

An eternal lover of the literary arts, I am fascinated by words and their power. I am a diviner that writes, reads, enchants, dances and dreams.

2 thoughts on “Dailies

    1. Oh really, I think I’m going to really like the Wildwood deck, and I’ve also been considering pathworing and that deck would be a great start. It truly looks so beautiful and otherworldly. With the card and rune combo, I just started doing that recently. I felt I was being to logical and anal about learning and internalizing the runes, I felt compelled to just use them and through using them get a more instinctive feel for them. I truly love runes, that is my secret passion and one I want to really incorporate into magical workings once I have gotten a fuller grasp of them. I pull the card first, and interpret it, once I have done that I pick up the rune pouch, do my little prayer/chant/question asking for further clarification and wisdom. I then put my hand into the pouch and pick one out and lay I with the card. I know runes can be cast solo but I am still a novice, eventually my aim is to cast runes and also use them in magic. Wow that was long…


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