Tarot decks under my radar

I am being selfish here, this post is for my own archival purposes. Something for me to keep track of the tarot decks I admire or I would like to own. This is mostly as a means to keep track of the many interesting tarot decks out there, in case one day I am inclined to invest in pricier tarot decks.

Claude Burdel Tarot de Marseille. A swiss deck reproduced by Yves Renaud. What stands out are the playful pips, especially the cups and coins, and the beautiful faces of the Trumps, trump 17 in particular. Also has beautiful soft colors. $30

Il Tarocco di Besancon Tarot de Marseille reproduced by Il Meneghello. Has Jupiter and Junon instead of the Pope and Popess, as well as soft lines on the trumps and court cards. A playful tarot deck with muted colors. $40.

Il Tarocco Neoclassico by Il Meneghello. The simplicity of the pips along with the soft lines of the Trumps and the muted colors. $40

Minchaite Fiorentine (Florence) published by Il Meneghello. A hefty volume with 97 cards. What I like are the additional cards, the virtues, the zodiacal cards, along with the 4 elements. Characterized by the soft lines of the Italian style decks. $40

Naibi di Vacchetta Tarot reproduced by Il Meneghello. Just breathtakingly beautiful, vivid colors, illustrative pips, dynamic courts, with Marseille Trumps. An historical Italian deck. $40

Pablo Robledo’s Dodal reproduction estimated availability will be towards the end of 2017. “We are already preparing the publication of the Tarot de Jean Dodal – Robledo Edition, which will be available during the second half of 2017. This will be the first large edition of this deck and we will have 1000 copies to offer to those who are interested.”

Pablo Robledo’s Tarot de Marseille, a beautiful deck created by Pablo Robledo birthed out of his extensive historical tarot studies. A vintage looking Marseille deck with soft coloring, beautiful light blues and vivid reds. $50

Tarot de Marseille Edition Millenium by Wilfried Houdouin. A geometrically aligned Tarot de Marseille, focusing on the symmetry, connections and the continuation of lines. Beautiful colors, with striking shades of green on the Trumps, especially trump 19, The Sun. Now on preorder, will be available towards the end of June. $30 (limited to 1500 copies).

Tarot Jacques Vieville 78 card pack with book. A tarot of Paris from the 17th century with monochromatic coloration. What strikes me are the alternate trumps, the star, the hanged man, and the tower, and the reordering of the Trumps.

The Playing Marseille by Ryan Edward. A mass market edition should be available for 2018. Marseille Trumps and playing card pips, hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades done in Ryan Edwards Maybe Lenormand style.

Visconti Sforza Tarot reproduced by Il Meneghello. An historical deck that is worthy of being in any collection. $40

I will most likely be adding adding more with time. I have included brief notes on why these decks strike me in particular, what I like about them and the colors.


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