Cards: 5 of Coins

We arrive at this juncture in the middle, the 5 of coins. A solitary coin encased within flowering leaves and two open buds above and below. The heart, the center, the core. There is an emphasis here in the center, the excluded, as the four coins around it are balanced and stable. A seed perhaps, an investment in a new opportunity. The coin is money and the center strikes me as reminiscent of the heart of the matter. Fives in general, within the cartomantic framework, are related to the body, and this is because we have five limbs. So naturally, the fives speak of the body.

The Spanish Tarot 5 of coins
Deck is The Spanish Tarot published by Heraclio Fournier, Spain. The picture is taken by me.

Typically, I see this card related to indulgences, spending and unbalancing your (stable and square) savings to indulge a bit in things desired. How do we spend on ourselves? How do we invest in our bodies?

It is interesting to note, for the sake of comparison, that the Rider Waite-Smith Tarot depicts this card negatively. There is loss and instability as the balance of the four is found destabilized by the 5th pentacle. This can be speaking of exclusion, poverty, loss, sickness. In the Tarot de Marseille 5 of coins we have a balance that highlights the center. This presents quite a dichotomy as one is outwardly constrained and lacking in harmony while the other, the TDM, is geometrically balanced. In a roundabout way, both deal with the body, what resources we have to provide for ourselves, how we invest or not in ourselves, how we care for ourselves.

Smith-Waite Tarot Centennial Edition, 5 of pentacles
Smith-Waite Tarot Centennial Edition, published by US Games, 2009.

As the year approaches its halfway point, it is good to reassess these questions midway.

How are you managing your resources, and accordingly investing in your self?



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2 thoughts on “Cards: 5 of Coins

  1. The RWS 5 of Pentacles always has a double-perspective for me: I can see myself as those outside in the snow, and I can see myself as those inside, and when I do brief visualizations into the card, I will often find myself dividing my presence between inside and outside. At that point, the significance you see for the 5 of Coins perhaps speaks to that negotiation of prosperity:poverty, with a nod to Fortuna and how our own virtú (prudence, optionality) factors into how we respond to Fortuna’s turns?

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    1. I agree. The top coin here can be an allusion to fortuna’s wheel as it turns and casts its light on our resources and how we manage them. This card was a bit odd to me for a very long time but I am starting to see the subtleties here in the 5 pentacles on the lighted window and the two individuals outside. At forst ot was odd to see the fove in such a negative light, coming from the TDM pips but now I am starting to see how this card interacts with other cards.


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