The paths ahead

I am back from a brief hiatus, I apologize for those who follow this site. Besides May and June being a dense month for me, I also re-evaluated my screen time and better organized my day for optimal health. This meant that I had to reschedule the time spent in front of my computer, reduce said time, and limit many other things as well. The density of these past two months were not just of a material nature, I also had workings underway that took up the little free time I found myself with.

Nonetheless, I am back offering a monthly reading, which I very much enjoy doing, for the month of July.

The Centennial Smith Waiter Tarot
The Centennial Rider Waite Smith Tarot, US Games, 2009.

July sees our landscape reconsidered and re-contextualized as new opportunities make headway, yet the progress is slow. We should reconsider engagements and contracts that bind us into constrained positions that do not benefit us in relation to that which we want to achieve in regards to money and career.

The Centennial Smith Waite Tarot
The Centennial Rider Waite Smith Tarot, US Games, 2009.

It looks like these new opportunities allude to unknown and unclear territory. How can we approach what presents itself with a clear head, thinking on what may be unveiled as said opportunities start taking shape in our lives as career or home changes?

Keep an open mind for whatever pops up in your life this month, and be honest with your self and what you want for the year ahead. This dynamic might not engender too many tensions but it might make your judgement clouded as you look ahead and find the landscape unclear and dubious.

Whatever lies ahead, it is in your hands how you turn it in your favor.


La Maga Tarot



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