Anything but a walk in the park

Love and interest went out for a walk, and with bitterness reconciled their differences.

Piatnik Wein Tarot de Marseille
Pointner Tarot, Ferd. Piatnik & Söhne Wein, 1974.


August will be a month where what we want will be in conflict with our heart, and perhaps even in conflict with where we are being led. Occasionally we will find these conflicts creating turmoil, at other moments we might find a bitter truce between the two take shape. Do we want to sit and consider our options, survey what the landscape looks like? Or do we want to move forward with whatever desires propel us? Whether sitting or moving, Justice will hold out her balance, and sword aloft, asking us to weigh that which divides us.

Piatnik Wein Tarot de Marseille
Pointner Tarot, Ferd. Piatnik & Söhne Wein, 1974.

This month in the heat of disparate emotions and conflicting ideas, reconsider. Reconsider what divides your heart and your resources, what divides your desires and your head. Perhaps a real truce can be brokered between the two by means heretofore not considered. Instead of approaching these contentions with swords, we should put them on Justice’s balance and discern what needs to be cut. Perhaps even no angle, or reconsideration is needed, instead a circle should be our inspiration. Smooth edges that cycle and move with or against the current. A coin that knows when to be a plate that offers you a fuller range of resources and initiative.

I would say this month isn’t for starting big projects, but for debating those which we are already engaging in. It is a month of wise considerations and deliberations. Note that Mercury will be retrograde for half of August, until the 19th, hence evaluate your plans thoroughly before deploying them.



La Maga Tarot



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