Button Soup Tarot: A Collaborative Tarot Deck

Mid to late 2019 the community at Cult of Tarot, a forum for all tarot lovers and readers, decided to create a community based tarot deck, where all members were invited to choose a card from the 78 and create their own vision of that card. It began with the Majors and then grew into the Minors. I contributed two cards to the project, The Star and The Hermit. It was unexpected on my part, since I do not feel I have artistic drawing nor painting skills. But I thought I could put together something, maybe a collage or assemblage, and so I did.

The end result of all our creative contributions turned out to be a beautiful and multifaceted tarot deck: Button Soup Tarot A Community Deck. 

Button Soup tarot Joan Marie Cult of Tarot Forum
Button Soup Tarot: A Collaborative Tarot Deck, 2020. Image from Rabbits Moon Tarot.

The deck was fully funded through kickstarter and officially brought to life in December of 2019. It is a unique multiartist work of art, by the community and for the community. Colorful, diverse, and with excellent contributions that bring varied and unique perspectives on the 78 cards. The cardstock is soft matte, the cards are bordered in an elegant dark grey, and the art is framed with a line of gold foil, and the edges are gold as well. The end result of the borders and the gold details is a lovely cohesive deck, one which I recommend one and all to peruse.

It is now being sold by the wonderful Joan Marie At Rabbits Moon Tarot, also the forum lead and designer at the Cult of Tarot forum. I heartily encourage you to give it a look, as it is truly an inspired creation.

The deck along with a video review can be found here: Button Soup Tarot.

Here is another video review: Button Soup Reveal.

For a look at the cards: all the cards.


† I share this tarot deck project out of love, in no way do I receive monetary compensation.

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