“When outside forces impose”

I’m quoting myself in the title, it’s from my lyrical exploration of the tarot trumps, or majors. June and July have flown by, maybe it’s more like a rumble, they’ve rumbled by. Now we’re in August and I’m thinking about the world, the card in the tarot pack The World or Lemonde as it’s called in some older packs.

The Spanish Tarot published by Heraclio Fournier, Spain; Tarot de Marseille Jean Dodal reproduced by Jean-Claude Flornoy, France 2009.

In a wreath like a cocoon, holding a wooden stick, looking back and appraising what’s been left behind, if you take the left as being in the past, or she could just be trying to look behind her. The naked self in confined contemplation, thinking back on what has passed while keeping to the present. We’ve all been in this contemplation of place, our movements restricted, feeling the vulnerability of isolation from what was, within this new unfolding world. We’ve all been placed in a position of evaluating where we stand.

While I could say that this person, the one in the card that ends the trumps series in the tarot pack, rises above the crowd crowned by all the four corners, robed and scepter bearing, they are also in a place of alienation, of being separate from. Depending on how I look at it, I’m either in the crowd of onlookers or the person in the center, apart. This is a good card to take forward as the second half of the year continues rumbling onward. It gives me the vigor to bring forward.

Let’s consider this, how are your fours corners? What is the condition of each? Solid, wobbly, vulnerable? Did you find and don your cape? Yes, cape. What you will carry with you to whatever comes next, when the cocoon opens and the seed sprouts. This cape will be a protection, a security, a covering, and also the cloth that connects you to the air, the rain, the earth, as it and the elements encounter each other it becomes a thing of relation, of connection. How are you shoring up your self when outside forces impose? How are you putting the stick that is a wand to use? Are you directing the way forward for you and your home in flow with the movement of your cape?

One day the germinating seed will spring up out of the cocoon and the road will open in different directions, as it always does, and we should be constant in our readiness to expand and keep walking.

Lemonde closes the tarot trump journey, if you see the cycle as a thing that is linear, but the journey is a web of directions and temporal overlaps. Time is a breathing rhizome. Lemonde knows this secret, and shows us how they are both within and without, above and below, enclosed and open. Lemonde is the seed that opens like a plate in the ace of coins. Perhaps going even sharper, Lemonde is the rider on the wheel of Fortuna.

Tarot de Marseille Jean Dodal reproduced by Jean-Claude Flornoy, France 2009.

With this I open the month of August, contemplating The World card. I’m also going to mention that I have a newsletter, it’s in its nascent stages but I have a lot of dreams to grow it into something beautiful, like a crimson hibiscus. In the newsletter you can find oracular omens, stories from and maybe about me, updates, and things that are wafting through my mind. You can click on the link above, or on the image below to hop onboard and stay in the loop.

I have a couple reviews for this month, one of them being on the recent book I devoured, The Way of the Rose: The Radical Path of the Divine Feminine Hidden in the Rosary by Clark Strand and Perdita Finn. And you will also be seeing my oracular incantation on Animating the Tarot Pips.


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An eternal lover of the literary arts, I am fascinated by words and their power. I am a diviner that writes, reads, enchants, dances and dreams.

2 thoughts on ““When outside forces impose”

    1. Yes indeed, this escaped me. A seemingly inconspicuous cape woven by her hand that gives warmth when the night is cold and the journey long, provides stealth to remain hidden from enemies, and protection from arrows.


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