About me

an about me: self-portrait. Natalia Lee, 1/21/2023. Oil on bristol paper.

I am a divinatrix that creates art, reads voraciously, and writes. A poet, a storyteller, an artist, a cartomancer. A lover of books. This is what pulled me into to world of telling fortunes with cards, the visual world disclosed in the semiotic / semantic adventure through these little pieces of paper.

Reading the cards, or as I like to call it, cartomancy, offers an exciting adventure as the images and the rhyme allow the imagination to unfurl. They assist in refining the art of seeing in awareness, in the moment, the instantaneous revelation, that couples a question with forms. Reading for others offers the same catalyzing experience which discloses possibilities, aiding in creating optimal stories and ways through issues/queries.

Mist & Ether

My purpose here is humble and simple, to share my love of cards, of fortunetelling, of art, and of books creating an enticing brew. This is a haven, an oracular nest of my wanderings, readings and creations. I seek to inspire, to share, and to fan the flame for the search. Herein, many roads converge.


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