An Ukiyo-e Lenormand: A review

An Ukiyo-e Lenormand by Robert M. Place is beautiful. It comes in a red cloth two part box that slides out, with arched grooves on both of the boxes for easy access. This is the packaging that Robert Place looks to be implementing in all his new decks and I love it. As per PlaceContinue reading “An Ukiyo-e Lenormand: A review”

An update and the Lenormand

Things have been a bit hectic around here these days, especially with the baby. I haven’t had time to really sit down and order my thoughts and share my daily draws and spreads. I have been intermittently playing around with the Lenormand. As a literature scholar, or so I consider myself, and theory enthusiast, IContinue reading “An update and the Lenormand”


Silly, silly me, I have been doing it wrong. My previous posts on the Lenormand spreads have been incorrect. More specifically, my Lenormand inquiries have been wrong. I started looking around the web for information on the Lenormand, since the LWB that accompanied my deck is in German and I don’t, unfortunatley, read German. IContinue reading “Dailies”