Silly, silly me, I have been doing it wrong. My previous posts on the Lenormand spreads have been incorrect. More specifically, my Lenormand inquiries have been wrong. I started looking around the web for information on the Lenormand, since the LWB that accompanied my deck is in German and I don’t, unfortunatley, read German. I stumbled across an excellent site that gave me loads of info and resources. After looking around I realized, as I said, I was using the Lenormand wrong. So I went back and looked at my spreads and applied my newfound knowledge, things were a bit clearer. Now, given that the nuances of the Lenormand differ from the tarot, today I decided to do a simple question reading with the Lenormand. 6 cards, paired.

My question was about this creative, literary project I have been wanting to start. From the cards I see that the work needs to be started and that I hold the tools, the message, I want to impart. What I need to solidify this idea is commitment, and by discarding my errors in the past I should find luck in this new endeavor.

Very simple read, combining cards to get full messages, very cartomantic. Coming from my immersion in studying Qabalah and the Hermetic deck this is really refreshing.

As some may already know, tonight is a full moon. I have such a nice spread awaiting use with a special invocational card. I hope to be sharing that on here shortly. Well, I hope all who stumble upon this little endeavor of mine are blessed.

Published by Natalia

An eternal lover of the literary arts, I am fascinated by words and their power. I am a diviner that writes, reads, enchants, dances and dreams.

3 thoughts on “Dailies

  1. Oh I spot synchronicity ! 😉 I was just researching the Lenormand yesterday and I stumbled across the same website ! Also, I’ve been meaning to buy my first deck this week ! Seeing your post just confirmed my intentions ! 😀


  2. I spot synchronicity ! 😀 I was researching the Lenormand just yesterday and I stumbled across the same website ! Also I’ve been thinking of buying my first Lenormand deck. Reading your post just confirmed my intentions ! 😉


    1. That’s awesome, I purchased the Blue Owl Lenormand at a really great price in amazon. I had read that it was a traditional one. Now there are so many different decks. To me, it’s a very different feel but at the same time clear and direct. Let me know how it goes!

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