Full Moon Spread

Hello, I’m going to keep this short, I feel a little tired. Just wanted to share my full moon spread. It seems the time was propitious to give me a very concrete set of warnings, the cards did not make it a point to spare my feelings. It was refreshing, eye-opening, and straightforward. Certainly, the Gorgon’s tarot may look pretty and fanciful but it is not joking.

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Spread: What my body needs, what my spirit needs, action/advice, what energy I need to harness/keep, what energy I need to release/remove, what I need to focus on, and in the center is a card I have had on my tarot altar for some time. A few posts ago, I shared a spread in which this card popped up. I felt extremely connected, this card represents an aspiration for me. I placed it in the center as that, an aspiration, an ideal significator. With all the reversed, strained cards, I felt I was being schooled in how to better myself, both outwardly and inwardly so as to achieve this center ideal.

Until next time.

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