Spreads, spreads, and more spreads

I now offer tarot readings here on my website, and if you have ventured to the tab that lists my offerings and wondered what all of it means, this post is meant to get to the details of what it all means. This is a clarification of what exactly it is that I offer. The … Continue reading Spreads, spreads, and more spreads

A spread for a spread

Recently, I briefly shared that I had created a spread for Ostara. In retrospect I should have given more detail about the spread itself. This is me rectifying that. Believe it or not, I created this spread with a pack of Aleister Crowley's Thoth deck, a spanish edition of the deck I had lying around … Continue reading A spread for a spread

Thoughts on a full moon and October

As October wafts onward, the air gets cooler on this (where I live) side of the globe, and as the popular saying goes, one can almost feel the veil between this world and the unseen get thinner. I have briefly put down my varying Tarot de Marseilles expeditions in favor of meditating with Robert Place's … Continue reading Thoughts on a full moon and October

An update and the Lenormand

Things have been a bit hectic around here these days, especially with the baby. I haven't had time to really sit down and order my thoughts and share my daily draws and spreads. I have been intermittently playing around with the Lenormand. As a literature scholar, or so I consider myself, and theory enthusiast, I … Continue reading An update and the Lenormand

Tarot and Timing Spellwork

This is a great post with excellent ideas, correspondences and an excellent source of information for spell work.

Jack Chanek

The idea of using Tarot in magic(k) is not exactly new. The Aeclectic Tarot Forum has a whole constellation of discussions on this topic, and Kelly-Ann Maddox at the Four Queens did a video on it not too long ago. Here, I want to take a bit of a different tack and talk about how Tarot can be used to help schedule spellwork and ritual.

I personally don’t practice magick,* but I love the theory of it. Every now and then, when I have free time, I’ll wander around the internet and look at different ways of classifying magick, or different theories as to its practice. I’m a nerd at heart.

And one of the big ideas that floats around most magickal practices is the importance of timing. Some people work with the changing of the seasons. Many (and most Wiccans in particular) use the phases of the moon…

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