A spread for a spread

Recently, I briefly shared that I had created a spread for Ostara. In retrospect I should have given more detail about the spread itself. This is me rectifying that.

Believe it or not, I created this spread with a pack of Aleister Crowley’s Thoth deck, a spanish edition of the deck I had lying around but never used. About a month or two ago I picked it up and decided to take a closer look at the cards. What I found left me breathless. What Lady Frieda Harris painted along with Aleister Crowley’s input, is incomparable. I’d wager saying that very few contemporary illustrated decks (close to none) compare to the power, scope, and beauty of the Thoth deck. Consequently, as I was shuffling the pack a week ago an idea for a spread struck me. I am not big on positional readings, as I feel they are confining, relegating the cards to enclosed and stifling positions, and neither do I read cards individually. Following this inspired train of thought while thinking of the season at hand here in the Pacific Northwest, I came up with this Ostara spread.

The Spanish Tarot published by Heraclio Fournier, Spain.

It is very simple in its approach. I envisioned a somewhat circular, although you wouldn’t know it by looking at this picture, layout where the cards speak of the surrounding stations in relation to the center, the self. The top two are the tangible, everyday aspects that rule our daily lives, the home and work environment. The bottom two stations speak of movement and transitions, imminent changes and underlying stasis, what needs to be cleared away. This speaks of “spring cleaning” if you will. The center is exactly that, the self and all that this contains at the moment. In the end, all these stations interact with one another and by consequence with the center, divulging a clear portrait as to the state of things pertaining to the person’s life.
Here is an example reading:

Sharing and kindness within the home creates a fertile environment for growth, namely, a time to lavish and spend on loved ones, spreading the love around with a good dose of socializing. This in turn nurtures your work as a new opportunity promising a raise is made concrete. The looming changes are in the guise of work, and along with the new opportunity comes a partnership that engages your enthusiasm. A new work friendship unfolds. Now arriving at stasis, Ostara reminds you to let go of petty past heartbreaks over ventures that didn’t go past the threshold into success. Alluding perhaps to the need for constancy in order to achieve the success dreamed of. Entering the self, you encounter a you that is on a firm and growing foundation with a partner. You are happy and feeling the flow of contentment this season. Overall, this reading clearly emanates warmth, fitting as the weather gets warmer. And the central themes are about following your passion and letting that grow into an occupation that allows you to blossom. There is a promise of money on the horizon as the work solidifies. Meanwhile, the home and self are enveloped in a haze of lovely vibes that spill outwards, you are loved and you feel it.

The *you is fictional in this reading, as this is a brief example of the spread in action.

Here is a picture of the reading.

Voltige Playing Cards by Henri de Saint Julien & Jacques Denain distributed by The D&D Playing Card Co.

As you can see the warmth is latent in the cards, this is a season for nurturing, growing and pursuing those goals that have been on the backburner.

I created this spread out of a desire to want to delve into the season as it expresses itself in the individual’s life. And the benefit is that no question is necessary for this spread. I rarely read the cards without a question in mind, as card reading is essentially about answering queries, but here the question is inherent, how am I (the querent) this season in these stations of my life?

Feel more than free to try this spread and see how it works. Also, I do offer this spread in my shop. If you would like a reading with me click on the shop link or on the Etsy banner.

Be blessed.

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