Cards: 4 of Coins

With the beginning of May we arrive at the house, the table, the 4 walls of the 4 of coins. I associate the fours in general with all things square, stable and sturdy. In this case, it being the 4 of coins, the suit of money, means, and ends, I think about banks, business ventures taking shape, investments in order, money in the bank, savings. A city even, if I stretch my mind and see the grid of a city exemplified in the squareness of the coins.

In this specific card from The Spanish Tarot published by Fournier, there is a shield reflecting back a beautiful landscape. This puts me in mind of protection, guarding what one has established so far. There is an elegant squaring with the sprouting leaves surrounding the shield, all is bright, green, and fruitful. Also, the flowers pointing in both opposite directions, north and south, indicate a sense of continuation and passage, growth and movement is underway. This is a card of general good standing.

The Spanish Tarot Four of Coins
The Spanish Tarot published by Heraclio Fournier, Spain.

Moving directly into the hot summer months over here, already the year is approaching it’s halfway point, and I start reflecting on the things that have taken shape so far, the plans that have been bolstered with foundation, and the plans that have been left on the wayside. What ideas have seen fruition for you this year? What projects have you laid foundations for?

Until next time.

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7 thoughts on “Cards: 4 of Coins

    1. Ooh I hadn’t thought of that, good observation. Getting that card in a reading with that in mind can bring really interesting results to the table.

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      1. Especially since I’d say it’s another critique and nudge of Achilles about what he’s forgotten in fighting for nine years and his descent into inhuman rage.

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      2. Within this context the 4 of coins could be seen as a reminder of foundations perhaps? A reminder of balance?

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      3. Home community and civilization? The Land and home as shield against the world and adversity, but also, with the dead, against the dangerous spirit wilds, but given Achilles, the dangers within yourself and without? So foundations? Nice and square there, too.

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      4. I am going to add that to my tarot notebook, I really like the full sweep that’s covered within the Achilles context.

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