Continuing lines and pythian gifts

Motivated weeks ago by Camelia Elias I had the idea to create a spread inspired by my contribution to 21+1 The Fortuneteller’s Rules. By weeks ago I mean back in December. During most of December I was in a distinct Sibylline mood, thinking on the annunciation of the divine light and the doom of theContinue reading “Continuing lines and pythian gifts”

Spreads, spreads, and more spreads

I now offer tarot readings here on my website, and if you have ventured to the tab that lists my offerings and wondered what all of it means, this post is meant to get to the details of what it all means. This is a clarification of what exactly it is that I offer. TheContinue reading “Spreads, spreads, and more spreads”

Spreads as cartography

Tarot spreads as a cartographic map I am exploring of late how the eye wanders around a given shape. This idea was first introduced to me by Camelia Elias through her teachings in Radiant Reading and also here. It is something most of us card readers already do, except this particular approach is an openlyContinue reading “Spreads as cartography”

A spread for a spread

Recently, I briefly shared that I had created a spread for Ostara. In retrospect I should have given more detail about the spread itself. This is me rectifying that. Believe it or not, I created this spread with a pack of Aleister Crowley’s Thoth deck, a spanish edition of the deck I had lying aroundContinue reading “A spread for a spread”

Ostara with the 3 of coins

A small well kept garden with little baby buds flowering, peaking out of the earth, ready to greet the sun. Stretching their leaves gracefully and slowly as the sun begins to nurture their skin, and the rains feed them, spurring their growth. It is a slow process that of resurrection. This is what I seeContinue reading “Ostara with the 3 of coins”

Thoughts on a full moon and October

As October wafts onward, the air gets cooler on this (where I live) side of the globe, and as the popular saying goes, one can almost feel the veil between this world and the unseen get thinner. I have briefly put down my varying Tarot de Marseilles expeditions in favor of meditating with Robert Place’sContinue reading “Thoughts on a full moon and October”

Moby Dick

These are the times of dreamy quietude, when beholding the tranquil beauty and brilliancy of the ocean’s skin, one forgets the tiger heart that pants beneath it; and would not willingly remember, that this velvet paw but conceals a remorseless fang. -Moby Dick, Herman Melville Today I was thinking on Moby Dick, because I frequentlyContinue reading “Moby Dick”

The seed and growth

These two spreads I did one after the other, February 16 and 17. They are both in recognition of imbolc, ushering in a new phase. Also, I must add that I have been so full of creative energy and ideas. Wanting, yearning, to create, to move and do. Action! These two spreads confirm this. IContinue reading “The seed and growth”