Spreads, spreads, and more spreads

I now offer tarot readings here on my website, and if you have ventured to the tab that lists my offerings and wondered what all of it means, this post is meant to get to the details of what it all means. This is a clarification of what exactly it is that I offer.

The first thing I will say is that I don’t offer strict positional spreads for my readings. As I’ve said before, I read the cards by looking at the tensions and dynamics between the forms playing out in the spread, the equilibrium or lack thereof. The Symmetry. None of the following spreads are set in stone, in the sense that none of them mean anything outside of the moment of the question and the reading. Context. Also a reading with me always starts with a question.

Now I dive into the specifics.

The one liner

This is a straightforward one-line spread that answers questions that don’t require too much depth consisting of 4 cards maximum. Perfect for yeses and nos.

The one-liner can also become a comparative look, two cards addressing one aspect of the question, and another set addressing another aspect. The two sides of a coin. This creates slightly more detailed looks into a matter while still remaining concise.

The cross

The Spanish Tarot Fournier
The Spanish Tarot published by Heraclio Fournier, Vitoria, Spain.

The cross can be several things. One is a three card spread with more concrete suggestions defining the trio. Three cards answer, while the top and bottom contextualize and advice. In other words, I look at how the trio answers your question and then how the top and bottom card shape the answer. It can also take the form of an influences reading, wherein the influences surrounding you, the center, are addressed diretional-ly and dynamically. Depending on the question, I look at how you stand in the middle affected by the surrounding cards. Naturally, this takes on the form of a directional reading, North, South, East, West.

The magic square

The magic square is a square of nine, nine cards, 3x3x3 arranged in a square. This particular spread is interesting because it complex-ifies the cross, giving further depth and detail concerning the question. That is the influences, the tensions, where the issue at hand (question) is moving, towards what, and where it has come from. It also addresses above and below aspects, or the hidden and revealed. I find this spread is always fruitful, insightful and detailed, offering diverse perspectives. If you are looking for thorough and rich insights than this is the one to try.

The map

Mapping the journey is inspired by two things, one is Camelia Elias’s Samurai’s Cut. The other is from my own explorations with the suit of swords, my thoughts are found in An Otherworldly Journey with the Suit of Swords. For me, the suit of swords is the suit of magic, cunning craft, witchcraft, etc. I put 1+1 together and voilà a spread that explores the magical/occult/mystical journey was born. This reading consists of 13 cards laid out in the shape of a diamond. It is suited for questions of a magical nature. What I mean by this is, if you are looking to know how your craft is going, where it is headed, if there are any obstacles barring your way, what lies ahead, matters of spirit work, etc., then this is the one that wanders through these areas. What I mean by craft is not delimited to any tradition in particular, this is all irregardless of the form your craft takes. This reading is about you and your magic.


La Maga Tarot Mist and Ether

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