Clearing the waters: Cyprian and the seafarers

Recently, I sat down and read one of the latest publications from Hadean Press by Jose Leitao, Clearing the Waters: A Monograph on Saint Cyprian Divination From the 17th to the 19th Century. It is a compact book, 142 pages long including the index, that explores divination through a Cyprianic lens, especially filtered through theContinue reading “Clearing the waters: Cyprian and the seafarers”

Seeing what there is to see

I have been painting lately, or rather drawing. The hiatus I took between October and now led me down a way where I picked up pen and paper and began sketching and drawing. It happened spontaneously. I was sitting about in my house, thinking on playing cards, barajas, fortunetelling packs, and Cyprianic cartomancy. Reflecting onContinue reading “Seeing what there is to see”

The Oracular Incantation

We begin in a hall like a cathedral full of echoes, enclosed by high stone walls. There is a cup, a breath disturbs the waters of this upraised cup, prayers are intoned. Within all is holy. Beyond, a sword stabs the earth, sinking deep and disturbing the soil, echoing the words, “the earth gives andContinue reading “The Oracular Incantation”

Tarot dreams, or dreaming with tarot

The eve of St. John the Baptist is here and for me the actual eve, the night, of this day is about imaginal, and not so imaginal, escapades. Wild nights under the starts, ecstatic dancing, and a communion between the living and the spirits (including the dead). Since this is about entering into more fluidContinue reading “Tarot dreams, or dreaming with tarot”

Telling Fortunes in Times of…

In an interview with Sam Block from The Digital Ambler in the Glitch Bottle podcast, he said something about divination that has stayed with me for some time, and it is that divination is for seeing the bumps, or obstacles, ahead as we navigate down the river of life. This has been rephrased in myContinue reading “Telling Fortunes in Times of…”

The Friar’s Delight Lenormand: a review

The Friar’s Delight Lenormand is a little unpretentious gem of a deck. Firstly, I’m not big on Lenormand decks, I used to have a couple some years ago, and I dabbled with reading them but it never stuck so they quickly moved on to more motivated hands. After these failed experiences I spent a coupleContinue reading “The Friar’s Delight Lenormand: a review”

The art of temperance

Back again with the monthly auguries, as March is already underway. The month of March has us looking back at the gains born out of our compromises, out of accord. The benefits of a steady and consistent gait, and an unswerving attention to detail. Placing the question before us, how to carry this discipline forward?Continue reading “The art of temperance”

Bright candle in the dark

I’m back again with this month’s augury. This one is extra something more, because as I am writing these words I’m considering for myself, the end of a decade and of a long and arduous year. Also, Jupiter just moved into Capricorn. All of his adds to the clanging bell quality of this transition pointContinue reading “Bright candle in the dark”

Tangled hearts at the crossroads

This month’s augury is coming into play a bit later than expected, as I’ve found myself with lots on my plate. So here, 11 days into October, is the omen. Tangled hearts in riddled messages of crossed desires stay the course. October is an interesting month for matters near and dear. We find ourselves stillContinue reading “Tangled hearts at the crossroads”