The year ahead…

In the beginning of the month I mentioned that I would be adding a limited reading option to my offerings, today is the day I do so. What I want to do here is share a little bit on how the reading will work.

The template of the reading spread will be the astrological map of the whole sign house system, but in the reading I will not be overtly considering the planets nor zodiac signs, I will instead be using the narrative of the houses as they play out for the year. * Above is a basic outline of the spread and how I will be reading the cards. I will begin the reading with the general tone for the year ahead, this will be underscored by the cards that land in the angular spots, positions 1,4,7 and 10. This will sketch out how you will enter and move about the year in general, the lay of the land so to speak. Then I will go into the inner and outer aspects of your year, this will be underscored by positions 1-6 (inner), and 7-12 (outer). By inner and outer you can read personal /private versus public.

Once this general foundation is set, I will look at relationships, starting from cards opposite each other, and how this will color your year. Getting into the specifics of the reading and how they pertain to your year. As I look at positional relationships I will make special note of particular considerations as they arise, bringing focus to areas as the cards indicate. I will say that even though for this reading no questions are necessary, I do always encourage a question or focus area, this provides context and that is always welcome. If you have a particular topic or goals you want to see play out next year, this spread can aid in highlighting them, helping you gauge potential and possibilities.

Given the nature of the reading it will only be offered as a PDF with full color images of the spread and focal cards. The availability for the year ahead reading is limited, it will only be available right up till the beginning of January. Needless to say, I aim to be a vehicle for clarity via the cards, especially as we usher in a new year. What I offer is a glimpse into possibilities, which can provide the tools and the ways in which to maneuver around them.

If exploring the lay of the land for your year ahead is something you’d like to embark on, hop in and book a reading.


The Year Ahead…

A full year ahead reading to help you gauge possibilities for this upcoming new year. This reading will arrive in your inbox in PDF format, with full color pictures of the spread and the cards. It will be about 4-5 pages total, with the reading more than 1000 words in length.



*Information on the whole sign house system I’m using can be found through episodes of The Astrology Podcast, see ep. 52. I will also include Chris Brennan’s wonderfully thorough book Hellenistic Astrology.

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