Tarot Tradition

I began the week by sitting down on Monday to shuffle the cards and see the week ahead. After doing that and looking down at what came up, I decided that I didn’t want to divine for the week ahead, week by week, instead I want to try it month to month. Hence, I didn’tContinue reading “Tarot Tradition”

The augury of fire

After a brief hiatus last weekend, I was in the middle of moving, I am back with this week’s augury. As I was shuffling my playing cards, my mind drifted towards the Tabula Mundi deck by MM Meleen, which I have unfortunately rarely used. I decided to take it out and keep it near toContinue reading “The augury of fire”

A fortuneteller’s day

Yesterday was my birthday, tomorrow is St. Valentine’s (feast)day, and today is St. Agabus’s feast day. As a cartomancer this is fitting, as he is the Saint of diviners and fortunetellers. For those who seek to pierce the veil between what is known and unknown, those who dare the future by playing in the present,Continue reading “A fortuneteller’s day”

Good tidings this holiday season

I am breaking away from my previous post, where I was laying down the foundations for myself as a card reader, setting the tone and things of that nature. I want to continue here with the pips and tie that to the season. If you have been following along, we have arrived at the 7Continue reading “Good tidings this holiday season”

A conversation ’round a kitchen table while playing cards

I have recently made the jump to open up a small shop for card readings, over on Etsy. This was around a month ago. Making this jump has inevitably got me thinking about my narrative as a card reader, what defines me and what shapes me as a cartomancer? These questions led to much thoughtContinue reading “A conversation ’round a kitchen table while playing cards”