Encountering the Suits: Accomplished Work

Force. Tension. Expansion. Like a massive tree trunk with roots running deep, arising out of the earth and reaching upward to the sky, so the baton presents itself vibrating with life. Made of wood and wielded with power. I position myself with the baton in hand like the Ace and I have a plan. A planContinue reading “Encountering the Suits: Accomplished Work”

In a forest of cards

This summer a series of surreptitious, unexpected, and synchronous happenings unfolded with regards to tarot. Somewhere along the line, late May, I had the inspiration to get my hands on decks that presented/portrayed a different approach to my usual Marseille Tarot and cartomancy preference. Midst attempting to wrap my head around basic astrology I thoughtContinue reading “In a forest of cards”

Encountering the Suits: Heart of Life

Lectio Divina is a medieval monastic practice embodied as an engaged reading of the Word. It is not analytical, and it does not employ the mind in discourse under prescribed limits, inquiries, and notions. It is an engagement with the word through contemplation, experience, sensation and meditation. Lectio Divina is a feasting on the Word. First,Continue reading “Encountering the Suits: Heart of Life”

Encountering the Suits: Armed Force

At its most basic, tactile, and visual, a sword is an instrument, a weapon with a pointed edge used to cut. Swords are sharp and bring pain and division to whatever encounters its sharp edge. Held aloft if protects from the other, from what is at the other side of the pointed edge. It canContinue reading “Encountering the Suits: Armed Force”

Animating the Tarot Pips: An Introduction

This is a series born out of a book idea. Instead of going the book route, I will share most of what I had in mind here in pieces or parts. This is the introduction, as such, I’d like to keep it brief but with enough context to wet interest. Firstly, the intention for thisContinue reading “Animating the Tarot Pips: An Introduction”

Continuing lines and pythian gifts

Motivated weeks ago by Camelia Elias I had the idea to create a spread inspired by my contribution to 21+1 The Fortuneteller’s Rules. By weeks ago I mean back in December. During most of December I was in a distinct Sibylline mood, thinking on the annunciation of the divine light and the doom of theContinue reading “Continuing lines and pythian gifts”

The Kings of the Court

Lastly, there are the kings in the court. Here each king will speak in its own voice. The King of cups “I am elegantly draped, a graceful man with good taste. I speak from the heart and I charm all my listeners. On occasions, I’m haughty, and love beautiful things. I’m a man that loves,Continue reading “The Kings of the Court”

The Queens of the court

We continue with the courts, here the Queens speak. Queen of coins: “Draped in my regal raiment, I know what I hold in my hand, the power of money and fortune is at my fingertips. Quick and astute, my crown highlights my most valued asset, my head. I am order and revenue, haughty and resourceful.Continue reading “The Queens of the court”

Spreads, spreads, and more spreads

I now offer tarot readings here on my website, and if you have ventured to the tab that lists my offerings and wondered what all of it means, this post is meant to get to the details of what it all means. This is a clarification of what exactly it is that I offer. TheContinue reading “Spreads, spreads, and more spreads”

“I am starring blankly at a spread of pips, what am I supposed to see?”

I have often heard this question mentioned one way or another when people talk about the pip cards for beginner’s advice. Going on to elaborate the necessity of some type of formal learning to be able to grasp the pips. When I began reading tarot I used to feel the same trepidation, but in general,Continue reading ““I am starring blankly at a spread of pips, what am I supposed to see?””