The knights of the court

Continuing my survey of the court cards: After the pages come the knights, the mounted ones, the riders of the court. Remember, these surveys are in their voice, the voices of the courts as I hear them. The knights: of cups: “I gallop forth with eagerness, the ground swelling at my heels as I go.Continue reading “The knights of the court”

Sex in the court

In May I began my oracular survey of the court cards, which can be read here starting with the Pages. Before I go any further, I want to address gender, or rather sex and the court cards. First a statement: as a diviner, I do not make distinctions a priori in regards to the maleContinue reading “Sex in the court”

The pages of the court

Some time ago I began an overview of the Tarot de Marseille pips, which can also be seen as playing card pips. This overview shared my way of seeing the pips, how I read them in a spread, and how they interact with other cards. I have also done something similar with The Trumps butContinue reading “The pages of the court”

Tarot Tradition

I began the week by sitting down on Monday to shuffle the cards and see the week ahead. After doing that and looking down at what came up, I decided that I didn’t want to divine for the week ahead, week by week, instead I want to try it month to month. Hence, I didn’tContinue reading “Tarot Tradition”

To find the treasure…

The Seeker steps through into the unknown, a demanding proposition requiring  strength before her. Sharp teeth gnaw at her fingers, threatening to devour her efforts and kill her resolve. The cold sharp blades open to give way for calming waters. A new road of potential opens, an outgrowth of entanglement that she must breath meaningContinue reading “To find the treasure…”

Direction and flow

Now that things are picking up speed, July opens with the vector of the 6 of coins. The 6s are all about flow, the direction and movement of the current, where it’s headed and how it’s moving. With coins being in the realm of wealth, communication, and exchange, it is only natural to see theContinue reading “Direction and flow”

Spreads as cartography

Tarot spreads as a cartographic map I am exploring of late how the eye wanders around a given shape. This idea was first introduced to me by Camelia Elias through her teachings in Radiant Reading and also here. It is something most of us card readers already do, except this particular approach is an openlyContinue reading “Spreads as cartography”

Cards: 5 of Coins

We arrive at this juncture in the middle, the 5 of coins. A solitary coin encased within flowering leaves and two open buds above and below. The heart, the center, the core. There is an emphasis here in the center, the excluded, as the four coins around it are balanced and stable. A seed perhaps,Continue reading “Cards: 5 of Coins”