Tarot and Art

"Art plays with conventional forms, stretching the imagination towards liberation from constraints." -Camelia Elias Art as a vehicle for moving the heart, stirring the soul, and confronting the self with the eternal, the non-discursive, the symbolic, the metaphorical. I start here because I recently participated in Camelia Elias's most recent course offering, a one-day affair, … Continue reading Tarot and Art

Towards the Art of Reading with Camelia Elias

A book review. I have mentioned on here previously that I was reading Camelia Elias's book Marseille Tarot: Towards the Art of Reading, published by Eyecorner Press. I just finished the book and found it so refreshing, that I want to share a little review of it in this space. The book is about storytelling … Continue reading Towards the Art of Reading with Camelia Elias


Thinking on tarot as an imaginative game of wits and poetry I found this just in time. It’s fun and inspiring. Get you cards out and create, my friends, a wonderful colorful world awaits.


Some cartomantic folks like to use cards for poetic purposes. Such as finding inspiration for writing, or finding inspiration for how to live more poetically. We have played before in the context of Taroflexions where we have created exquisite corpses, or followed a visual idea through another set of images. Here is a recent take on a poem that started as an exchange between Fortune Buchholz and Enrique Enriquez and ended as a collaboration between the 2 plus myself, Bent Sørensen, and Robert Place.

Fortune wrote a poem entitled Maura’s Pantoum, based on tarot images.


“Most people are not something one thinks about.” ⁓ Vreeland

Elegance requires refusal ⁓ but oh beauty:

You cannot be denied your tattered trifles of desire

From a stern appeal to caustic prudence or vampiric duty.

How each event rekindles experience’s unstable fire. . .

. . .

You cannot be denied your…

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Tarot and the literary journey

I have recently received Camelia Elias's book on the Marseille Tarot, Towards the Art of Reading, and am finding myself mentally, spiritually and emotionally invigorated and engaged with the cards. For a while now I have been grasping at the images in the cards and making meaning as I go along. The approach she propounds … Continue reading Tarot and the literary journey