Cards: 6 of cups

This post is about the art of finding and tapping into the flow.

I have been thinking lately about magic, namely, how to live a magical life. Now I don’t mean the spacey, ceremonial, casting circles, cloak wearing magic. Let it be known there is nothing wrong with that magic. Here, I simply mean the magic of being present, connected to the flow that goes beyond words, the spiritual mumbo jumbo that goes on behind the words and the ceremony. How does one live this magical, open, detached life of truly seeing and being?

As a mother to a toddler, I constantly find myself stripping the moments of ceremony and ritual, leaving only the bones, the essence. I often wonder about the “correctness” of this. Then I look at my son and laugh at my pretensions, there is no right and wrong, there is only being and participating, being in attendance as Camelia Elias said recently in one of her Patheos articles, or sustained devotion. Time often eludes and constricts me, and I am reminded constantly that time is a construct, step outside that to participate in the flow, in the being present, this is where the magic is. From this position of magic is where I want to live a magical life, a life that is present, in attendance, and devoted, where I am connected to the flow that was, is, and is becoming.

Deck used: Ancient Italian Tarot published by LoScarabeo (a Soprafino Tarot variant)

Here the six is is in the suit of passion, heart, love, and desire, speaks of following the ebb and flow of the magical waters. Of being present at all times, detached from strictures and formulations. Here the cups form a beautiful pathway of cyclical movement as the flowers in the center go both ways, above and below. The cycle of nature. This is a card of balance and cycles, of pathways opening and of renewal. As I think on the movement of this card, I learn a bit more about tapping into the magical life. One must be present in the cycles of nature, while aware of the definitions and formulations we latch on to magical constructs and ideas. From a position of awareness we can detach from the excesses we accumulate with words and limitations in our daily lives, and in doing so we tap into the magic of the flow, by sustaining our devotion stripped of pretensions. Being in attendance like the flowers within the stream of magic that moves in the 6 cups.

Deck used: Ancient Italian Tarot published by LoScarabeo (a Soprafino variant)

I aim at this magic life. Be well, dear reader.


La Maga Tarot Mist and Ether


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