Direction and flow

Now that things are picking up speed, July opens with the vector of the 6 of coins. The 6s are all about flow, the direction and movement of the current, where it’s headed and how it’s moving. With coins being in the realm of wealth, communication, and exchange, it is only natural to see theContinue reading “Direction and flow”

Cards: 5 of Coins

We arrive at this juncture in the middle, the 5 of coins. A solitary coin encased within flowering leaves and two open buds above and below. The heart, the center, the core. There is an emphasis here in the center, the excluded, as the four coins around it are balanced and stable. A seed perhaps,Continue reading “Cards: 5 of Coins”

The Yes and the No

I read yes/no questions because I make no distinction from one question to another, they are all questions and I ask the cards all manner of questions. The way I see it, nothing is fixed and as we move about our lives we are constantly making decisions and changing the realms of possibilities for ourselves.Continue reading “The Yes and the No”

Cards: 2 of Coins

Compromise. The page of coins might not allude to this word as he holds his coin aloft, unaware or not really caring about the big coin on the ground next to him, but as he is young and full of ideas of gaining, this young page will soon have to learn about the give andContinue reading “Cards: 2 of Coins”

A stroke of luck with the Ace of Coins

In this part of the world it is Spring, the trees are starting to bloom quite beautifully and the flowers are peeking out of their bulbs. It all looks very beautiful to be honest. Having moved from the eternal summer of the Caribbean to these northern lands not too long ago, it is quite aContinue reading “A stroke of luck with the Ace of Coins”

Cards: 10 of Cups

I recently had family visiting, hence my writing absence. The visit was welcome and expected but nonetheless exhausting, fitting as I am going to be closing the suit of cups with this post. The 10 of cups is unequivocally a card that denotes plenty, enough, or a lot. When I look at all those cups,Continue reading “Cards: 10 of Cups”

Cards: 9 of Cups

It is a general consensus that the 9 of cups is a really good card to see in a reading. In cartomancy it is the card of receiving/finding/getting your heart’s desire. Traveling through the suit of cups, one sees an obvious increase in the amount of cups and a decrease in their size. Expansion andContinue reading “Cards: 9 of Cups”

Cards: 6 of cups

This post is about the art of finding and tapping into the flow. I have been thinking lately about magic, namely, how to live a magical life. Now I don’t mean the spacey, ceremonial, casting circles, cloak wearing magic. Let it be known there is nothing wrong with that magic. Here, I simply mean theContinue reading “Cards: 6 of cups”