Direction and flow

Now that things are picking up speed, July opens with the vector of the 6 of coins. The 6s are all about flow, the direction and movement of the current, where it’s headed and how it’s moving. With coins being in the realm of wealth, communication, and exchange, it is only natural to see the 6 coins pointing towards the flow of whichever material matter occupies our inquiry. Coins have an element of the mercurial.

Now that we are here, what does this opening month have to say about movement?

Jean Noblet Tarot de Marseille 2014
Jean Noblet Tarot de Marseille reproduced by Jean Claude Flornoy, Edition, 2014.

This month finds the lady taking a pause from the gains of her work to go outside and enjoy some time for herself, to relax the muscles, and let go of the strain of the past months. Now that the way has been paved, and the X has been marked for ingress and gain (coins will assuredly be coming in, in due course), the harvest is near, it is time to let loose and bask under the stars. Essentially, there is a time for everything under the sun, as Solomon wisely stated, now that we are in the halfway point of the year, remember to take time to enjoy yourself for a change.

Happy 4th of July.


La Maga Tarot


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