Clearing the waters: Cyprian and the seafarers

Recently, I sat down and read one of the latest publications from Hadean Press by Jose Leitao, Clearing the Waters: A Monograph on Saint Cyprian Divination From the 17th to the 19th Century. It is a compact book, 142 pages long including the index, that explores divination through a Cyprianic lens, especially filtered through theContinue reading “Clearing the waters: Cyprian and the seafarers”

Telling Fortunes in Times of…

In an interview with Sam Block from The Digital Ambler in the Glitch Bottle podcast, he said something about divination that has stayed with me for some time, and it is that divination is for seeing the bumps, or obstacles, ahead as we navigate down the river of life. This has been rephrased in myContinue reading “Telling Fortunes in Times of…”

In a forest of cards

This summer a series of surreptitious, unexpected, and synchronous happenings unfolded with regards to tarot. Somewhere along the line, late May, I had the inspiration to get my hands on decks that presented/portrayed a different approach to my usual Marseille Tarot and cartomancy preference. Midst attempting to wrap my head around basic astrology I thoughtContinue reading “In a forest of cards”

Watering the barren tree

I promise I shuffled the deck for a good minute and cut it thrice and all that jazz. Alas, this is wyrd. December is panning out to be an interesting month, two Aces and two Queens hug the ominous 5 of spades. Let’s look into the heart and water the barren soil so that theContinue reading “Watering the barren tree”

Substantiating action

So it is that time again, October is upon us, which means an augury. Unwavering, gripping the sword and cutting through the obstacles that bar the way. More than cutting, it is also about substantiating this action, making concrete a goal and taking the steps towards building the scaffolding that will provide the interim spaceContinue reading “Substantiating action”

“I am starring blankly at a spread of pips, what am I supposed to see?”

I have often heard this question mentioned one way or another when people talk about the pip cards for beginner’s advice. Going on to elaborate the necessity of some type of formal learning to be able to grasp the pips. When I began reading tarot I used to feel the same trepidation, but in general,Continue reading ““I am starring blankly at a spread of pips, what am I supposed to see?””

The hand that feeds you

September is picking up pace and looking much better than the past couple months. I have to be honest, these past months have been rough. My day job has been more demanding, my spiritual practice has been fraught with consistent disturbances, and my health has been like a seesaw. As I was shuffling the cardsContinue reading “The hand that feeds you”

Anything but a walk in the park

Love and interest went out for a walk, and with bitterness reconciled their differences.   August will be a month where what we want will be in conflict with our heart, and perhaps even in conflict with where we are being led. Occasionally we will find these conflicts creating turmoil, at other moments we mightContinue reading “Anything but a walk in the park”