Sex in the court

In May I began my oracular survey of the court cards, which can be read here starting with the Pages. Before I go any further, I want to address gender, or rather sex and the court cards. First a statement: as a diviner, I do not make distinctions a priori in regards to the male … Continue reading Sex in the court

Portals of insight

This month we look through portals of possibilities to maneuver our way through obstacles that block our path. Satiety and potential, dominate as we peek through the window of what could be, what can be, and what needs to be cut. Ingenuity guides our vision, but beware not to be led astray into the land … Continue reading Portals of insight

The fountain of joy

After a couple months of settling in, getting into the rhythm of life in my new home, I find myself in a place of constant rediscovery. Seeing what I once disliked in a new light, and with new eyes. As I go about my daily life of re-learning and attending to what is present with … Continue reading The fountain of joy

The art of divining like a torero

The weekly auguries have recently taken up most of the content in this space. I wanted to come back now, outside of the auguries, sharing a bit about my impressions and experiences on divination and seeing.   While expanding my daily practice and exploring my own spiritual landscape, I have been working with several forms … Continue reading The art of divining like a torero

The bridge of utterance

A pattern has surreptitiously emerged out of these auguries, I have just noticed, and it is that they tend to come out once the week has already begun. I mostly wait for the inclination/inspiration to do them. This week's augury is a bit later than the previous ones, but nonetheless, the week is just beginning, … Continue reading The bridge of utterance

The augury of fire

After a brief hiatus last weekend, I was in the middle of moving, I am back with this week's augury. As I was shuffling my playing cards, my mind drifted towards the Tabula Mundi deck by MM Meleen, which I have unfortunately rarely used. I decided to take it out and keep it near to … Continue reading The augury of fire

Weekly Augury- August 14-20

  Monday "Uncork what is bound. Begin this silvery day with a dash of daring, steal the key to open what is chained, and indulge in the unfettered elixir of good measure."       Tuesday "The swords clash with seeds of doubt, born in the shadows of the blades. Be martial in cutting through … Continue reading Weekly Augury- August 14-20

A fortuneteller’s day

Yesterday was my birthday, tomorrow is St. Valentine's (feast)day, and today is St. Agabus's feast day. As a cartomancer this is fitting, as he is the Saint of diviners and fortunetellers. For those who seek to pierce the veil between what is known and unknown, those who dare the future by playing in the present, … Continue reading A fortuneteller’s day

Sculpting dreams and desires

These past two weeks I have been feverishly working on a wee little pdf booklet I want to share with everyone soon. It is nothing fancy, just a creative exploration. When I started this tarot journey a few years back what drew me was my first love, literature [words]. The potential for crafting narratives and … Continue reading Sculpting dreams and desires

A conversation ’round a kitchen table while playing cards

I have recently made the jump to open up a small shop for card readings, over on Etsy. This was around a month ago. Making this jump has inevitably got me thinking about my narrative as a card reader, what defines me and what shapes me as a cartomancer? These questions led to much thought … Continue reading A conversation ’round a kitchen table while playing cards