The Red Woman: an encounter

What follows is a book review through the lens of a poem. Recently, well, a couple months back now, I received and devoured Scarlet Imprint's summer publication, The Brazen Vessel†. It is a collection of essays that gathers 10 years of work from both Alkistis Dimech and Peter Grey, ranging from unpublished essays, to presentations. … Continue reading The Red Woman: an encounter

Ensouled movements

I have been eternally preoccupied with landscape and one's relationship with the lay of the land ever since I first encountered Oedipa Maas in her tower on Kinneret-Upon-the-Pines. From this preoccupation grew a tree of ideas of self in place, and as a consequence, of awareness and seeing in relation to space (how I see … Continue reading Ensouled movements

Flies enter a closed mouth

I have been thinking lately about the myth of progress. Not that I am against science and technology, I am only a partial Luddite. But I do question the effectiveness of academia and "progress" when we layer upon it titles, and awards, and confer honors that bloat the ego and cloud partiality. When ideas, concepts … Continue reading Flies enter a closed mouth

Enchantment for pleasure this new year

A new year looms near and as is customary one looks back, evaluates decisions, experiences, hardships, and accomplishments, while making plans for the upcoming year. This time I wanted to look at myself and where I stand with pleasure, and what brings me joy. Oftentimes I get so involved in all the immediate happenings going … Continue reading Enchantment for pleasure this new year

A Smudging of Articles and a Ghost Poem

It's Halloween and instead of talking about the ghosts running around in my head, and around my house. I want to share a few articles that explore the topics of the dead, ancestors, devotion, and also a poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Honoring the Ancestors of the Dead. A beautiful and poignant essay on the … Continue reading A Smudging of Articles and a Ghost Poem