“To harden the earth is the stone’s occupation, until stone became winged and flew.”

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About Me

I am Natalia, a writer, a reader, and a divinatrix, yet first and foremost, a lover of books. This is what drew me to the visual world of tarot, the semiotic/semantic adventure. I have been reading the cards ever since I held my first pack of cards, the black and white Hermetic Tarot deck many years ago.

Reading the cards, or as I like to call it, cartomancy, offers an exciting adventure as the images and the rhyme allow the imagination to unfurl. They assist in refining the art of seeing in awareness, in the moment, the instantaneous revelation. Reading for others offers the same catalyzing experience which discloses possibilities, aiding in creating more optimal stories and ways through issues/queries.

Mist & Ether

My purpose here is simple, to share my love of cards, of fortunetelling, and of books creating an enticing brew. This place is a haven for me to talk about my various cartomantic, oracular, magic, saintly, esoteric, poetic and literary wanderings. I seek to inspire, to share, and to fan the flame for the search. Herein, many roads converge, words and magic intersect with the art of cartomancy, and the subtler aspects of embodied living.


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What others are saying…

A reading from Natalia provides clarity: I’ve consulted her about relationships, work, magic, and raising children, and in each case, the message I received illuminated my path forward. Her readings are tough yet kind, never flinching from what the cards say but meant to help the client grow. Her knowledge of the symbols and images in the cards brings them to life, and the experience is like wandering a thrilling countryside with an expert guide. I cannot recommend her enough. –Brian Wilkins

La lectura llegó rápido. Natalia es un encanto y sus tiradas son claras, directas y detalladas. Lo recomiendo. -Jose Enrique

Very fast, canny insight, very responsive. Planning to come back again! -Eriol

A beautiful Tarot de Marseilles reading. I appreciated her insights and how quickly she sent it to me. Very fast turn around. Lovely.” – on a Magic Square of 9 reading. -Apollina

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A reading with me situates itself within the potential of shifting perspectives through words, helping to clarify complexities and questions. Words and how we story them, anchor and shape us, and can also allow for us to wade through the murky waters of realities more effectively. Reading the cards is the art of defining the moment and the question, while uncovering the malleability of meaning. It is a play of words and images explored in the moment.

Life is never quite what we imagine, and the cards help illustrate the nuances, the poetry, the word that forges life. The cards can also aid in defining vague concepts, of life, love, money, in the language of images, which in turn brings transparency into our lives, our losses, our fears, our hopes, our loves, our desires, and our preoccupations.

What I offer?

I offer a service intertwined with perspicacity and insight. My cartomancy readings are always honest and from the heart. My intention is to give depth and provide clarity.

What you get?

An astute reading of the cards. I aim to provide clear ways for you to see and visualize the possibilities, and to gain insight, painting a visual world in which you are able to captain your ship effectively through your options. Of utmost importance is the catalyzing force of inspiration, the spark that ignites the fire for movement.


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Here you will find all my ongoing written works, from poetry to prose. Often I cycle through my writings as I make them freely available here on my site. Do check back for updates and new writing projects I’m working on. The first PDF booklet is licensed under a creative commons shareable license, all you have to do is click on the image to open the document and download.


An Otherworldly Journey with the Suit of Swords- A storytelling approach to the suit of swords from a different perspective.
21+1 Fortune Teller's Rules Camelia Elias
Aphorisms of the Oracle– 21+1 Fortune Teller’s Rules: Read Like the Devil Manifestos published by Eyecorner Press. Part of a collection of essays edited by Camelia Elias.
Down by the Sea, Tales from Fiddler’s Green 1: Premiere Issue, Fiddlers’ Green Zine. Part of a collection of tales from diverse artists.