Ethics and Guidelines

Confidential. A reading with me is always strictly confidential. No information is ever shared with a third party.

I am not a psychic nor a mind reader. When sending me your query please know that my readings do not, nor will ever, involve any type of mind reading. My readings are for shifting perspective, gaining clarity, depth, and inspiration.

Fortuneteller. I am a fortuneteller, or as I like to term myself, a divinatrix, in as much as I read the fortunes and stories the cards paint. This in no way signifies that the future is set in stone. I divine what the cards have to say in regards to your question, it is an oracular act that arises in situ. The message you as a querent take from the reading is meant to help clarify what is obfuscated and with that clarity you can better navigate your unfolding present. What you do in your present shapes your future, that is always in your hands.

Advice. Given the nature of divination, advice is always sown into the fabric of your reading. By this I mean that divining for your query encapsulates an unveiling which is the parting insight. It is in this revealing that the advice resides. The revealing gives you the tools to decide what you want to do with what has been revealed. Herein lies what is empowering. In knowing, you are given the keys to decide how you will shape your present through actionable steps taken by you as the captain of your life journey.

Question. A cartomancy reading with me always starts with a question. Without a question there is no oracle.

Trust. I trust my client’s capacity to articulate what it is they want. I will never alter nor change your question. I will always answer your question first and foremost.

Service. My cartomancy readings are strictly spiritual, metaphysical, in nature. Moreover, they are qualitative and not quantifiable. I offer a spiritual service aimed at arriving at the heart of the matter.

Help. My cartomancy readings are not a replacement for therapy, legal, medical, nor professional advice. In other words, my readings will never enter the realm of professional advice nor help. I am not a doctor, I am not a lawyer, I am not a therapist.

Predisposition. By consenting to a cartomancy reading with me I assume your full disposition to listen and see what the cards have to say in regards to your query..

If all this is aligned with what you’re looking for in a cartomancy reading, book a reading with me.