A face-up spread

It’s been quite a few days, at least it feels like it has, since I have written here. I have been doing much searching and questioning, spiritually and emotionally, as far as my path is concerned. Obviously, the tarot has never been far, I have been reading the cards daily.  Lately I’ve been doing lots of random readings, not so much dailies. My days have been a bit hectic so the readings have reflected that, instead of doing daily energy readings I have done readings pertaining to whatever is on my mind at the moment.

Another interesting development is that I have been working on my spiritual space and what I want to place and convey and manifest and what-not. It’s developing quite nicely given the strained circumstances I find myself in, namely living with the in-laws.

As I have been doing lots of additional reading, Kabbalah, lore, and also graduate school work, my mind seems to be abuzz with information. So far, it seems I have assimilated the information well, although I do realize that there will come a time where rest is needed. Maybe this frenzy of information and energy is the reason why the sudden anxiety. Recently, a couple days ago, I had a minor episode of anxiety while driving. It was something I did not expect. I began to vocalize affirmations, focusing so as to erase the thoughts that were crowding my panicked mind. For a moment it felt like it would be a lost cause but it worked, I was able to extricate myself from the web of panic. That was a huge relief. After I got home, I started thinking back to when getting panic attacks was a regular thing and I starting thinking about the why, the triggers, and the hows. While thinking I began looking at my emails and found an email on a new post on Little Red Tarot and decided to follow the trail. From there I landed in Siobhan’s site and found an old post about face-up spreads and how they can help contextualize, order and visualize a situation so that it is clear. Well, I gave this a shot and it was a wonderfully revealing experience. It reaffirmed why I love tarot, it is a system that offers insight, helps me rewrite my stories and contextualize my reality so that I am able to better visualize where I stand, and from there I can proceed on my journey with knowledge and context. The face-up spread helped me see the situation and how to continue walking ahead. Needless to say, I felt better after that, but I do know that I need to reduce my pace just a bit so that my mind isn’t constantly frenetic.

It was a five-card spread, I don’t recall it word for word, but it was in essence: what card symbolizes your situation, what card symbolizes how you get out of your situation, what card is your superpower, what card symbolizes you living with the problem or situation, and what card symbolizes you achieving your goals while living with the situation (how it feels for you). Again, these are in my rough words because I don’t recall word for word what each question was. This is a great spread and using face-up cards is something I will definitely incorporate into my readings. I do love the nuances it gives and the perspective it offers.

Here are a couple pictures:

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