The Moon

Within this small cyber space I have created, my goal is to explore life and magic in conjunction with the tarot and other forms of divination. I let this project develop organically, free of dogma and pedantry. Given all this, I mostly share thoughts and spreads from a place of inspiration.

If you, reader, have read some of my previous posts you know that I have shared slices of my inner life and reflections on changes. Today, I am going to talk about a specific card, inspired by the Medieval Scapini deck.

Trump 18, The Moon.

There are so many things going on with this card, The Ruler of the Flux and Reflux. What caught my attention was the astrologer standing in the roof of the tower. I don’t recall seeing one in my other decks. This is an added nuance that set me thinking about the connotations of this card. Also, there is a telescope on the other tower.

I apologize for the picture quality, it truly doesn’t do this card nor the deck justice. The moon has a manly face, disgruntled. The astrologer holds a compass as if gauging the fluctuation of the night and the cloudy skies. The telescope looks like it has recently been used. A wolf is howling and Anubis sits across from him, serene. The crayfish emerges from a pool of water that certainly looks murky. Drops are falling from the sky, rain. Looking at this card, ruled by Pisces, I see a lot of things going on, true to the title given by the Golden Dawn “Ruler of the Flux and Reflux.” This card in particular makes me think of clouded energies, fluctuating and difficult to gauge, to asses. Letting oneself be driven by the ” waters ” on a stormy night when things are not clear. I also see erratic emotional states and confusion. Usually, as an admirer of the moon, I associate this Trump with reflection, decisions that need to be made during a time of meditation. Also, dreaminess and lethargy. Yet with this Scapini interpretation I get more action, fluctuations, marked emotions coupled with searing dark energies.

Here are other examples:

What about you, what are your thoughts on this card?

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