The 8 of Cups on the Feast of Janus

Hello all, my wonderful little folkloric almanac reminds me it is Janus’s Feast Day, fitting as this first week of the new year has ended. I have been vacillating between the last couple of posts about thresholds and gateways, well today we cross the threshold, pass the gate. Today, and the rest of the week as well, is good for planning, preparing, mapping, thinking and organizing our new year. How do we want it to flow?

Of course, surprises are always a part of the planning, as life never fails to give us quite a decent dose of surprises and unexpected happenings. Going along with this idea I want to talk about the following card in the suit of cups, the 8 of cups. If you have missed my previous explorations with this suit you can refer to the pips category in the list below and have a look.

Deck used: The Spanish Tarot published by Fournier.

After much deliberation, walking the path, encountering obstacles, slashing them aside, re-evaluation and being ushered to the crossroads, now we actually cross the threshold, and enter into a new panorama. Numerically, the eights are about ideas and thoughts. As opposed to the communication indicated in the 2s, which is one-on-one, the 8s involve a network of communication. As the suit of cups is the suit of emotions, the heart, water, the 8 of cups can be transformed into a family gathering, reuniting with loved ones, or a party with conversation and drinking. As for me, I also add a personal note to the 8s, which is that they denote organization. The suit symbols here can be seen evenly distributed and ordered. Therefore, as always, depending on what cards lie around the 8 of cups, this card could also indicate arriving at some type of applicable method or system with regards to, in this case, the cups (the heart, loved ones, or emotions). Expressed differently, this card may signify a preparation of the heart after having crossed the gateway, a sign of maturity and readiness to take on new emotional, or passionate engagements. Effectively navigating relationships with an even head, and a clear vision.

New beginnings are never ending, as are endings. With this new beginning and the initial unfolding of 2017, how do you prepare for what lies ahead, especially when it comes to the heart and those closest to the heart. How do we bring favor in all our endeavors this new year? As for me, how do I prepare for the expected and the unexpected in like measure?

Deck used: The Spanish Tarot published by Fournier.

Changes and endings should always be expected, as life is a constant flux of rising and falling. Always remember to gather your seed, to store what you can, while always taking the time to relish in the pleasure of it all, of good company, good conversations, and of all the tangibles and intangibles that pertain to the heart and the waters of the soul.

As always, happy reading and be blessed.

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An eternal lover of the literary arts, I am fascinated by words and their power. I am a diviner that writes, reads, enchants, dances and dreams.

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