A stroke of luck with the Ace of Coins

In this part of the world it is Spring, the trees are starting to bloom quite beautifully and the flowers are peeking out of their bulbs. It all looks very beautiful to be honest. Having moved from the eternal summer of the Caribbean to these northern lands not too long ago, it is quite a sight to see spring waking up the flora from its winter slumber.

Given all this beauty I thought it fitting to begin with the suit of coins. The dynamic suit of exchange, cunning, and perspicacity. My approach and vision of the suit is quite simple, what do we do with coins? We hold them in our hands, invest them so we can acquire more, use them as exchange for other goods, save them, you get the gist. So following this train of thought, this suit is about how to apply our mental capacities in order to accrue benefits, it is about money and exchange, and growth. Also, since how we use coins(money) rests in our tenacity for discernment, then this suit also indicates mental prowess. Simple and close to nature.

Coins denote intelligence, often indicating learning, the growth of knowledge, expansion of the mind. I personally to not attach to the cards any esoteric underpinnings, and this includes the use of the classical four elements of fire, earth, water, air, at least not in their symbolic understanding. Here the coins are associated with heat, or fire, in that electric energy sense. I am thinking circuitry, movement, rapidity. Coins are quick, we use them, and (hopefully) together with our mind so that we can get the best results out the investment, purchase, or endeavor. Additionally, coins within my framework, belong to spring, budding and growth.

Tarot de Marseille Jean Dodal
Tarot de Marseille Jean Dodal reproduced by Jean-Claude Flornoy, Editions letarot.com, France, 2009.

With the Ace of Coins in particular, the beginning, all I see is luck. An idea has struck and luck is on your side in applying that idea towards generating growth, planting the seed. As always, the reading of the card depends on the companion cards around it.

As the buds flourish and summer looms close, what lucky winds are blowing your way? How is Lady Fortuna favoring you this season?

This post will be brief, much like the Ace of Coins. I hope you are finding favor this season and that the winds blow to your advantage.

Published by Natalia

An eternal lover of the literary arts, I am fascinated by words and their power. I am a diviner that writes, reads, enchants, dances and dreams.

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