The knights of the court

Continuing my survey of the court cards:

After the pages come the knights, the mounted ones, the riders of the court. Remember, these surveys are in their voice, the voices of the courts as I hear them.

The knights:

of cups:
“I gallop forth with eagerness, the ground swelling at my heels as I go. My cup is held aloft, uncovered like my head. I hold a sack of dreams, unashamed of my openness, I come with gifts and a light heart, trickling like the movement of a cascading stream. I am a burst of emotion, a clear vision from the heart directed, I am the center that guides your steps.”

of batons:
“My horse is draped in finery, with a flower on the bridle. My demeanor is aloof as I brandish my baton. The ground underneath me is fertile and lush, an abundant landscape. I know how to move and where I am going. My pace is consistent as is my determination. I am a direction in business, a call to action and work, an exercise in refinement and perfection. My finery has been attained through the sweat of my labor.”

of coins:
“My horse faces the future as I keep an eye on the mark. I seek money and ways to make it, I seek the sharpening of my knowledge, and cunning refined on the whetting stone. I hold a knife at the ready, prepared to defend what is mine. I value the solid transaction and the spirit of discovery. I am the herald of the quest for gain, the insatiable seeker, the cunning artificer.”

of swords:
“Armored and ready, my horse and I are poised for any and all attacks. With sword upheld and vision steady, I scour the horizon for the enemy. I am the warrior prepared and stealthy, I bring pain and revolts at my back. I bring desolation wherever my steed charges. I am the doubt that cuts, and the herald of war. On occasions, when the question is right, I am a messenger from the underworld.”

The Spanish Tarot Fournier
The Spanish Tarot published by Heraclio Fournier, Spain.



La Maga Tarot

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