The Kings of the Court

Lastly, there are the kings in the court. Here each king will speak in its own voice. The King of cups “I am elegantly draped, a graceful man with good taste. I speak from the heart and I charm all my listeners. On occasions, I’m haughty, and love beautiful things. I’m a man that loves,Continue reading “The Kings of the Court”

The Queens of the court

We continue with the courts, here the Queens speak. Queen of coins: “Draped in my regal raiment, I know what I hold in my hand, the power of money and fortune is at my fingertips. Quick and astute, my crown highlights my most valued asset, my head. I am order and revenue, haughty and resourceful.Continue reading “The Queens of the court”

The knights of the court

Continuing my survey of the court cards: After the pages come the knights, the mounted ones, the riders of the court. Remember, these surveys are in their voice, the voices of the courts as I hear them. The knights: of cups: “I gallop forth with eagerness, the ground swelling at my heels as I go.Continue reading “The knights of the court”

Sex in the court

In May I began my oracular survey of the court cards, which can be read here starting with the Pages. Before I go any further, I want to address gender, or rather sex and the court cards. First a statement: as a diviner, I do not make distinctions a priori in regards to the maleContinue reading “Sex in the court”

The pages of the court

Some time ago I began an overview of the Tarot de Marseille pips, which can also be seen as playing card pips. This overview shared my way of seeing the pips, how I read them in a spread, and how they interact with other cards. I have also done something similar with The Trumps butContinue reading “The pages of the court”