Sex in the court

In May I began my oracular survey of the court cards, which can be read here starting with the Pages. Before I go any further, I want to address gender, or rather sex and the court cards.

First a statement: as a diviner, I do not make distinctions a priori in regards to the male and female courts. What I mean by this is that I do not have a standard differentiating line prior to the question and the reading, of what sex the court cards will represent.

Gypsy Tarot: Tsigane Zigeuner Tarot
Gypsy Tarot: Tsigane Zigeuner Tarot, published by AGMüller-Urania, Belgium, 1982.

For example, if someone were to ask about what to do about something that is inherently personal and subjective concerning their self (pertaining to their person-hood), and in the spread a mix of male and female courts, or all females or vice versa frame the answer, then I do not immediately jump into a list of gendered or sexed court card meanings and in the process, deviating from the answer to the question.

Reading the court cards should not be about seeing sex or gender, only. Reading them should also be about going beyond identity, and identitarian (did I just coin this word?) divisions, beyond the self that is aware. Most importantly, the context to the question should frame how the diviner sees the court cards that pop up in a readingContext comes before meanings and identity, it establishes the foundation from which the diviner will speak.

In micro, this approach looks like the following (with example questions):

How do I love myself fully?

Tarot del Fuego Marseille Tarot
Tarot del Fuego by Ricardo Cavolo, published by Naipes Heraclio Fournier, Spain, 2014.

You love yourself fully by carrying inside rather than outside your treasure. Loving yourself is about birthing the self within, instead of carrying your ego for all to see. It is the subtle art of self acceptance born from the heart.

What does loving myself look like?

Tabula Mundi Tarot In Minima
Tabula Mundi Tarot In Minima, MM Meleen, Atu House, 2016.

Loving yourself looks like a consistent culturing of the landscape of the self, watering the soil with the regular nurturing of the heart.

A king of cups can be both male and female, furthermore, he can go beyond gender and stand in for concepts and ideas. Likewise, the queens can be male and more. This applies for all the court cards.

Tarot del Fuego Marseille Tarot
Tarot del Fuego by Ricardo Cavolo, published by Naipes Heraclio Fournier, Spain, 2014.

I end here with the addition that yes, there are lines and frameworks within which diviners work and part from. First, there is context. Second, the court cards do have cartomantic definitions that define the patterns of what they represent. The queen of cups is a blonde lady, generally beautiful with light eyes, the queen of swords is a dark lady with a sharp face. The king of batons is an auburn haired, swarthy, middle aged man. Whatever these associations might be for you, excellent, hold them but also don’t forget to challenge them. To go beyond what you see, to let the cards go beyond what they represent. As I dive further into the court cards, remember they embody the premise of yes, and… In other words, the courts are what you see and also more



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