Thorny brambles

September arrived too soon, with August roaring to a quick end. This month I want to try something I’ve been waiting a year for, cartomancy month, specifically, Cyprianic cartomancy.

Under the auspices of St. Cyprian of Antioch I’m going to be focusing on Crossed Cartomancy, which is derived from the irreplaceable tome The Sorcerer’s Treasure published by Hadean Press, translated and with commentary by José Leitão.• What I mean by this is that I will be sharing my approach to crossed cartomancy, what it is is and how it works. I will also be reviewing a little gem of a book that is both a playing card divination primer and a book of spells. Moreover, I might even be tempted to retake one or two topics I’ve touched on in the past regarding reading with playing cards.

For now I will start with the September augury.†

Voltige playing cards
Voltige Playing Cards designed by Henri deSaint Julien & Jacques Denain, published by D&D Playing Card Company.

At the heart of the month lies the brambles and thorns, which way to choose, what way to go? Above and below the tension is taut as resources and what we value comes face to face with loss. Another moment of recalibration at hand. (Perhaps fitting with Virgo season?) This is the crux of the month, what values (valuables, resources) we want to keep and what are we willing to sacrifice along the way. It is now propitious to assess goals, projects, and the labors that drive and enrich us, just as much as they elude us. To look at where we occupy our time and efforts and how much value that holds for us in the long run. What lies at the heart of the things we strive for in our lives?

On the practical side, watch your finances, and keep an eye on where you place your efforts. It is a good time to order, to organize, and to assess the more mundane aspects of your life.


• The Book of St. Cyprian: The Sorcerer’s Treasure, translated and with commentary by José Leitão, Hadean Press, Great Britain, 2014.

† For those that are new to my auguries or for those unsure of what their portent is, my monthly augury is an overview of the month ahead. Given that there is no one on one interaction with a specific person, the auguries are vague and not specific by default. Specificity requires context, and the context for my auguries is a general outlook. I look at general themes and trends, making no concrete assertions as that would require a one on one reading between a querent and myself. Nonetheless, I do hope they offer just enough to facilitate ruminations.


Mist and Ether Natalia Lee Forty Tarot Divinatrix

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