Almost hanging by a thread

I stood before my kitchen table, shuffled the cards with April in mind, and laid them down. I confess, looking back now at March’s augury it was propitious that the cards called for temperance and a re-positioning of our chessboard, as all this pandemic and quarantine business loomed on the horizon. And now poised forContinue reading “Almost hanging by a thread”

The art of temperance

Back again with the monthly auguries, as March is already underway. The month of March has us looking back at the gains born out of our compromises, out of accord. The benefits of a steady and consistent gait, and an unswerving attention to detail. Placing the question before us, how to carry this discipline forward?Continue reading “The art of temperance”

Bright candle in the dark

I’m back again with this month’s augury. This one is extra something more, because as I am writing these words I’m considering for myself, the end of a decade and of a long and arduous year. Also, Jupiter just moved into Capricorn. All of his adds to the clanging bell quality of this transition pointContinue reading “Bright candle in the dark”

Tangled hearts at the crossroads

This month’s augury is coming into play a bit later than expected, as I’ve found myself with lots on my plate. So here, 11 days into October, is the omen. Tangled hearts in riddled messages of crossed desires stay the course. October is an interesting month for matters near and dear. We find ourselves stillContinue reading “Tangled hearts at the crossroads”

Thorny brambles

September arrived too soon, with August roaring to a quick end. This month I want to try something I’ve been waiting a year for, cartomancy month, specifically, Cyprianic cartomancy. Under the auspices of St. Cyprian of Antioch I’m going to be focusing on Crossed Cartomancy, which is derived from the irreplaceable tome The Sorcerer’s TreasureContinue reading “Thorny brambles”

Ambivalence is a cold mistress

This month’s augury comes with force and motion, driving through shadowed lands. Yes it is August, and that time of the month again where I lay down a handful of cards on the table and give a brief overview of the month ahead. And this month feels good. We are out of the dense mireContinue reading “Ambivalence is a cold mistress”

Basking in sweet waters

Looking back, April was a month of action and movement, a month of beginnings being put into play. Ideas erupted into the forefront, each fighting for attention and implementation. In contrast, this month of May foretells to be one of healing and connection, with an especial Taurean† flavor. This might sound frilly but the abundanceContinue reading “Basking in sweet waters”