Almost hanging by a thread

I stood before my kitchen table, shuffled the cards with April in mind, and laid them down. I confess, looking back now at March’s augury it was propitious that the cards called for temperance and a re-positioning of our chessboard, as all this pandemic and quarantine business loomed on the horizon. And now poised for this month’s augury, I shuffled the cards hoping for inspiring windows and uplifting words. Before diving too deep, let’s show the cards, and get into the augury of April.

Fantarocco di Franco Anichini, published by Modiano, Italy.
Fantarocco di Franco Anichini, published by Modiano, Italy.

This month we continue riding the ongoing fallout with the fluidity and malleability of water coursing through the falling rocks and boulders, keeping a tight grip over our coin. It’s curious the tower pops up here, during my own personal readings regarding the current landscape of things at the moment, in macro, the tower has shown up too frequently. For me, these kinds of recurrences with the cards mean nothing outside the moment and the question, until they actually do mean something. In this case, there is definitely something here. But let’s not get carried away with doomed scenarios, let’s look at the whole picture from the perspective of this hearty knight with his cup, and he has backup cups to boot.

April is the month we situate our selves in the flow of this river, as the castles fall and our plans drastically change in all areas of our lives. We navigate our way through and/or around all of this. The this here includes the falling castles, perilous foundation of our local and global economies, job losses, the arising housing issues and ongoing health crisis. We make a course through all of this, while also being a part of it all. All the while keeping a close watch over our coin, our things/assets/property/valuables. This month we are advised by these grasping insects to moderate our purchasing and spending throughout this unfolding precarious landscape.

Fantarocco di Franco Anichini, published by Modiano, Italy.
Fantarocco di Franco Anichini, published by Modiano, Italy.

Nevertheless, let’s reach out to those around us, those that need a hand, let us be present and aware of our surroundings keeping in mind that despite our isolation we are all trudging through this ordeal together.

In other words, the ordeal continues, so let’s sharpen our discernment with our finances, and keep a close eye on those around us that we can reach out to, to aid, uplift, or comfort in any way. Let’s emulate the knight that buoys the way forward, navigating treacherous waters with a good dose of faith.



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    • I recently reviewed a Lenormand deck, The Friar’s Delight.

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