Almost hanging by a thread

I stood before my kitchen table, shuffled the cards with April in mind, and laid them down. I confess, looking back now at March's augury it was propitious that the cards called for temperance and a re-positioning of our chessboard, as all this pandemic and quarantine business loomed on the horizon. And now poised for … Continue reading Almost hanging by a thread

Basking in sweet waters

Looking back, April was a month of action and movement, a month of beginnings being put into play. Ideas erupted into the forefront, each fighting for attention and implementation. In contrast, this month of May foretells to be one of healing and connection, with an especial Taurean† flavor. This might sound frilly but the abundance … Continue reading Basking in sweet waters

Healing is a rivulet

This post starts with the cards, where I went seeking to understand healing. As I had mentioned previously, I spent most of February sick, to my great disappointment since I love the month of February. All those weeks were filled with wallowing in bad health, unsure of what was really going on, deep in depression, … Continue reading Healing is a rivulet